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Building in Tiko burnt for hosting CPDM 35 year celebrations!

On Monday November 6th; the CPDM political party was celebrating President Paul Biya‘s 35 years in power and The Maflekumen Higher Institute of Health and Science; a private professional school which trains health personnel, at Lagos Street; Tiko, South West region, hosted the CPDM celebrations in that area. The school is hosted in a building called ‘MaryLand Building’ which has several other tenants.

A day after those celebrations, the school and the building were set ablaze by a ravaging fire. Police came to the scene when the fire had already spread all over the building and they joined the population in watching the fire burn the building to ashes.

Police in Tiko claim the fire was a criminal act. Reports hold it that the building was burned to teach the Landlord; Anselm Akuma, a lesson. The Landlord; is an avid CPDM supporter and representative.

Over 40 people have been rendered homeless by the fire incident.

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