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Businessman escapes after being hijacked

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A former police officer turned local businessman, Pieter Venter, was allegedly stripped, stabbed multiple times and almost had his throat slit after being hijacked. Two men had gained access to his vehicle and had stabbed him in the back, before pulling him into the back of the car and forcing him to lie on the floor. A third man then allegedly took over driving the vehicle

The men had driven around with him in the vehicle for several hours, during which time he had been stripped down to his underwear. His attackers stopped in a secluded area near Coega and dragged him out the vehicle, with a knife to his throat she. He says he was kicked repeatedly by his attackers, who demanded his [bank] pin code.

Pieter Venter had somehow managed to escape his attackers and had approached a nearby security guard for help, who then called an ambulance

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