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Cameroon cocoa exports drop by 10% following persistent Anglophone crisis

Cameroon’s cocoa exports are estimated at 223,413 tons in July 2018, against 249,573 tons in the same period last year, according to figures released on Tuesday by the National Coffee and Cocoa Board (NCCB). 
These exports show a decrease of 26160 tons in absolute value or 10% in relative value.
This drop in exports is mainly due to the socio-political tension in the English-speaking part of the country, notably the South-West region, which is one of the main cocoa production zones. Because of this social unrest, less than 50% of cocoa production in this part of the country could be exploited, the NCCB deplores.
In addition, some producers preferred to sell their production in neighboring Nigeria or use other unconventional sales channels.
Despite this difficult situation noted in the other production areas of Central, Littoral and South, cocoa production is performing well, underlines the ONCC.
Source: APA
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