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Cameroon music executives meet at Chantiers Musicaux du Cameroun!

From today February 8th to 10th, 2024 , Douala will be hosting an iconic event for the development of music in Cameroon: the Chantiers Musicaux du Cameroun. This event will bring together 60 music professionals from ten regions of the country, with the aim of laying the foundations of a thriving music industry where Cameroonian artists will finally be able to make a full living from their art.

The main objective of Chantiers Musicaux du Cameroun is to create a solid network of music professionals, ranging from producers to promoters to those involved in music broadcasting. Together, they want to structure the Cameroonian music industry and develop a development plan that will give real impetus to our music.

Cameroon music executives meet at Chantiers Musicaux du Cameroun!

During these three days of exchanges and reflections, they will address the main issues facing Cameroonian musicians. They will discuss the challenges of producing, promoting and releasing music. They will also explore the opportunities offered by new technologies and streaming platforms to expand their audience and generate sustainable revenue.

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