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Cameroon passport ranked 4th most expensive in Africa

Cameroon passport has been ranked by Jeune Afrique amongst the 10 most expensive passports in the African continent.
Jeune Afrique rated the passport 4th, based on its assessment on the cost of getting a passport in each country in Africa. 
According to All Afrikan Network, it was revealed that it takes 114 euros to afford a passport in Cameroon placing the country in 4th position.
Top 10 African countries with the most expensive passports.
  1. Chad- (228 euros), 
  2. DR Congo- (164 euros) 
  3. Burundi- (123 euros)
  4. Cameroon- (114 euros), 
  5. Madagascar- (90 euros), 
  6. Burkina Faso- (76 euros).
  7. Mali-  (76 euros). 
  8. Mauritania- (75 euros), 
  9. Côte d’Ivoire- (60.9 euros)
  10. Gabon- (60.9 euros

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