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Cameroonian artiste; Missy BK, signs the Golden Book of Montreal!

The Golden Book of Montreal is a book of honor designated by The Montreal city council to celebrate the achievements and development of  Citizens living in the metropolis who are creating impact and making a difference in communities in and out of Canada.
It was an honor for Missy Bk to sign this prestigious book last February 1st accompanied by The city council chairman Mr. Frantz Benjamin. 
During this ceremony, Missy BK‘s picture and the profile was exhibited in the Hall of honor at the city council of Montreal.

As part of the 26th edition of Black History Month of Canada, Montréal City Hall will present the Celebration and  Diversity of  Youths in Montreal In February 2017.the  Montreal City council exhibited the profiles of twenty young people from black communities making a difference  in communities in and out of Canada who will represent the 19 boroughs, as youth ambassadors for the year 2017, as part of the festivities of the 375th anniversary of Montreal and Missy BK Born Constance Bih kimal is one of the 20 youths selected to represent the 19 boroughs of Montreal for this year 2017. 
 Missy, who is the second from a family of 5, started her career as a radio presenter and a backup vocalist for local Artist. She, later on, came into spotlight after winning 8 international Music and humanitarian Awards From USA, UK, Canada, Cameroon and Nigeria.
Missy uses music as a source of inspiration to inspire those around her.
Back in 2016, she worked with YMCA St Laurent as a Music creation Teacher. 
During this one year program, Missy helped the youths of St Laurent especially young teenagers who’ve been bullied in the past and others going through emotional,  mental and physical distress on the different ways how to express themselves through music and through songwriting, using Music as another form of therapy. The project was a success.
Moved by the widespread of poverty,  Malaria,  HIV & Aids  and the high death rates of many Cameroonians especially those living in villages and district areas of Cameroon, Missy Bk created her nonprofit foundation to help make a difference in the lives of the affected ones. 

She has made a difference in the lives of over 500 orphans and less privileged children and adults living in the district areas of Cameroon by providing them with scholarships, school materials, and different yearly social activities.She is still on the rise to do more and give more of herself to the communities in Canada-Cameroon and the world.
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