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Cameroonian artiste; Vreezy Ville, launches record label called; Sankpata Music Group!

Vreezy Ville has taken the reins as his own boss by creating his own Record Label called Sankpata Music Group.

Sankpata Music Group is registered in the USA and will be carrying out operations worldwide with special interest in Cameroon.

The main objective of the label is to nurture and foster the talents of young Cameroonian youths and give them a platform to explore their dreams.

The first signed artist of the label is Vreezy Ville himself.

Vreezy Ville

“Sankpata is a word I coined to represent positive vibes or confirm(in pidgin). That’s exactly the energy I am putting behind Sankpata Music Group. Being a young artist myself I know how hard it is to find reliable professionals to harness and groom talent, that is why I created Sankpata Music Group, to bridge that gap and produce worldwide superstars”- said Vreezy Ville; CEO of Sankpata Music Group.

Follow Sankpata Music Group on Social Media to keep tabs on their activities.

Facebook: @sankpatamusicgroup
Twitter: @sankpatamusicgroup
Instagram: @sankpatamusicgroup
Mobile: +237 650 64 55 15 or +124 051 393 56

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