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Cameroonian man in America Kills his estranged wife, then commits suicide afterwards

BetaPipol sad news o…

Some Cameroonian man for America kill e ex-woman, den afta dat, e kill e sef!

The man e name na Christophe Takam aka Chris Takam. E comot Bamendjou(West Region). E and e woman; Annie, dey be di stay for Cincinnati(Ohio-America). Dey get 3 pikin dem, dier oldest pikin dey 18years. Annie be be na Nurse. E too na Cameroonian.

So weti happun na say yesterday, Sunday afternoon, Chris kill Annie den afta dat e kill e sef, for inside e house. Una swipe see video way some dier Cameroonian neighbour for dat side takeam time way police dey go moof the die-body dem for house.

Chris and Annie dey be dey in the process of divorce. Annie be file for divorce from Chris last year. According to Chris e broda, Annie be ova stress Chris for the divorce, e say Annie be want take all Chris e money. E say sotey Chris be finally tok for court say make dey gi Annie all the 4 million USD way e be worth for court, say e go start e life bak. But when e start e business bak, Annie go go bak for court go wan claimam. Na so Chris e broda tok.

Una see post way Chris be makeam for e Facebook page last year.

According to oda sources close to the family, Annie be don already move on from Chris. Sotey e be don di follow some oda paddyman, and na persin way Chris knowam.

At the end of the day, na American police go teh we finally weti makeam Chris kill Annie, den kill e sef… Make dey RIP 🕯

Make we put dier 3 pikin dem in prayers 🙏

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