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Cameroonian man rapes his son and daughter in the West Region.

A Cameroonian man in the West Region anally abused his two children; a boy and a girl.

Their mother; Flavie, was a guest on Equinoxe TV Program; Regarde Sociale.

She narrates that she and the man in question had separated, but they have two children together; a boy and a girl, who are still very young.
They were in the man’s house with his new wife. When she went to collect them, she noticed that they were very pale, she said to herself that perhaps their father and his new wife were not feeding them well. On the way home, her daughter complained to her that her buttocks was paining. She didn’t pay attention  she thought the child was just talking.
Upon getting home, her son excreted on his body. She cleaned it and thought maybe he had diarrhoea. She went and bought drugs for diarrhoea  After a few minutes he excreted again, she beat him, thinking it was naughtiness, but then she saw blood on the excreta so she decided to check to see where the blood was coming from, then she noticed that the boy’s anus was open.
She rushed to the hospital, nurses interrogated her daughter, because her son had been so traumatised he couldn’t speak, he’s acting like a fool. But her daughter can atleast talk. So when asked, the daughter said her father used to rub savon on her anus and insert his manhood inside it.
So the man had abused her and her brother too. Both of their anuses were opened. The girl’s wasn’t as bad as the boy’s meaning he abused the boy more. 
The lady reported the man to the police, he got called for questioning but he refused to come saying that he was in the village getting married, he would come after one week.
After one week, he got called again, and he said he cannot make it to the station till after one month. 
The woman has exhausted all her resources trying to treat her children. 
Watch her narrate in video below:
She can be reached via the Equinoxe TV program; Regarde Sociale. Their contact:
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