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Cameroonian Man Stabs Wife’s 8 Year Old Daughter In Germany!

A Cameroonian man whose name we got as Laurier is in trouble after stabbing his wife’s 8year-old daughter 8 times on the neck with a knife in Germany.
This tragic incident took place on sunday may 21st 2017. According to sources, the wife has been living in Karlsruhe,Germany with her 8 year daughter where she was introduced to Laurier (The killer) by her friend who happens to be his brother.
Things became serious and the two got into a serious relationship. Laurier however was an illegal immigrant in Germany and had no papers. In order to save her lover, the little girl’s mother got married to him so he could become a legalized German Citizen.
After the marriage, Lauriel immediately changed from an all loving and caring husband to an aggressive wife beater. Taking this no more, the wife sought refuge in a friend’s house with her daughter. After searching endlessly for the two, he finally found out where they were hiding and decided to pay them a visit. unfortunately, the day he visited, his wife and friend were not home. When he rang the doorbell, it was his wife’s daughter who opened the door and he immediately stabbed the little girl 8 times in the neck and ran away. He was later on apprehended by the German police and taken into custody while the little girl was rushed to the hospital where she is currently fighting for her life.

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