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Cameroonian men are very unromantic, says Daphne

Cameroon’s hottest and most celebrated rising female singer Daphne recently revealed in an interview with Team 237 Mag her opinion about cameroonian men. She referred to them as unromantic dudes as she said;
“Well from my encounter, I know Cameroonian guys are really smart and cute in their own way but the bad thing I hate about Cameroonian guys is that they are very unromantic”

As the interview went further, she listed 5 qualities of her ideal man which include;
  1. He must be super smart.
  2. He must be very ambitious, though I like the money part but to me the money comes with your level of ambition and intelligence as well as smartness. So you could actually start from nothing to something. I don’t want starters (giggles.)
  3. He has to be God fearing.
  4. He has to be very romantic.
  5. He has to be well spoken, like that’s what I love the most. A guy with good diction.”
Adding that he should have a dark skin tone
When asked about her alleged romance with Numerica and if he or any other 237 star suits all the 5 qualities, she replied
“Most 237 artists are really good looking though I’m not sure if whether or not they possess the 5 qualities I talked about considering I haven’t gotten that close with them. But for Numerica (laughs) he is dark, not really my major 5 though but he used to be”
Daphne is yet to meet that guy who possesses all the above qualities.

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