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Cameroonian movies get qualified to be nominated for the Oscar Awards, and guess what ministry of arts & culture submits Indian movie instead!

So Cameroonian film maker; Agbor Gilbert, received a letter on behalf of the Cameroon Film Federation, saying that Cameroonian movies are eligible to be nominated for the prestigious Oscar Awards. Of course Cameroonian film makers were happy, but all faces turned to sadness and anger when a communique was released by the Director of cinematography from the Ministry of Arts, saying that the movie that was selected and approved from Cameroon is an Indian movie. Fortunately or unfortunately the film didn’t make it past the preliminary stage. Check out the communique below: 

Even though it says some scenes were shot in Cameroon and that it features local actors, there is no face of any local Cameroonian actor in the cast. Check them out below:
Fans and film makers shared their disgruntlement and anger on Facebook, with some pointing angry fingers at Agbor Gilbert who is the master mind behind the alleged discrimination. 
Check out what people had to say below:

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