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Cameroonians; Herman and Hannah, use Fashion to promote self love!

We are throwing the spotlight t on Cameroonian couple; Herman and Hannah who decided to create a Fashion brand called ‘ONLY ONE‘ as a medium to promote self love.

ONLYONE as launched on the 2nd February 2018 by Herman and Hannah as a medium to inspire a lifestyle of self love. It is a motivational brand designed to inspire self-love, confidence and internal happiness.


The name ‘ONLY ONE’ was chosen  because they believe that every individual is unique in their own way and should stand out and love themselves just the way they are.

They opted for urban outfits to give everyone an opportunity to create their own unique lifestyle through clothing. .


Check out their website: for affordable pieces of exquisite urban clothing.

Keep up with them on Social Media :
Instagram: @only1ne_official

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