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Car of CPDM section president of Ngie in the North West region gets burnt!

As reported by Le Messager Newspaper of Monday May 29th, 2017, in the night of Thursday 25 to Friday 26 May, unidentified individuals, infiltrated the residence of the CPDM president of Ngie in the Momo Division of the North West region; Ubangoh Helly, and burnt his Prado car.

According to him: “my family and I were awakened abruptly around midnight by an explosive sound. And when we came out of the house to check the cause of this detonation, we saw flames coming up from my brand new Prado vehicle, one which is not even yet registered, as it was on fire. “

According to his remarks, the car got burnt because he had mobilized militants of the CPDM party to massively participate in the parade of the 45th edition of the celebration of the National Unity on 20 May 2017.

He mentioned that for while now, he has been subjected to threats on social media, especially on his Facebook page, where some have threatened to visit him and set his property on fire because he mobilized CPDM militants to participate in the 20th May celebrations for National Unity. The burning of his car was definitely a fulfillment of the said threats.

Nevertheless, the chairman of the Ngie CPDM section filed a complaint against the unknown. An investigation has been initiated by law enforcement authorities in this locality, to find the perpetrators of this act, who could have jeopardized the life of his family.

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