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Case against Mancho Bibixy and 10 others adjourned to October

The case involving the State of Cameroon against radio broadcaster, Mancho Bibixy and 10 others still in detention in Yaounde, has been adjourned to October 26, 2017. 
According to CNA, the case was adjourned due to what the military court termed regular composition of the court.
During today’s hearing at the Yaounde military tribunal, Barrister Amazee Anthony, one of the lawyers standing against the Anglophone detainees collapsed in court and was rushed to the hospital.
The incident caused the case to be temporarily halted for 10 minutes before it was later adjourned.
Two Anglophone detainees, Awah Thomas Junior and Ngwa Galang, are reported to have pleaded to be given sick leave from jail but their request was turned down.
Mancho Bibixy and the 10 others still in detention, are the unfortunate Anglophone detainees who did not benefit from a presidential degree dating August 30 2017, and signed by the Secretary General at the Presidency of the republic, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, ordering an end to all judicial proceedings against barrister Felix Agbor Kongho, Dr Fontem  Agborteka Neba, retired Justice Ayah Paul Abine, and over 50 other detainees arrested in relation to the on-going crisis in the North West and South West regions.
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