Chivas Venture 237: The Fashion Designers meet their muses!

Check out the atmosphere, when the fashion designers met their muses: #ChivasVenture237 #ChivasXImaneAyissi #Chivas

POWWA introduces the POWWA Festival!

#BetaPipol the POWWA Festival is unto us! POWWA is an organization registered in the UK and even in Cameroon, at the level of the ministry of Arts and Culture. Their aim is to promote and leverage Cameroonian culture in all…

The fittings phase of the Chivas Ventures 237 project, is on!

The fitting stage for the CHIVAS Venture outfits…The race after the canvas! Check it out: #ChivasVenture237 #ChivasXImaneAyissi #Chivas

Discover the Cameroonian artistes chosen to be a part of the Chivas Ventures 237!

Who are the Cameroonian music artistes chosen for the CHIVAS Venture 237? Discover the adventure through the eyes of Numerica, Mic Monsta, Mink’s and Nabila: #ChivasVenture237 #ChivasXImaneAyissi #Chivas

Mc Charlene bags endorsement deal with Cameroonian owned International skincare & beauty brand; Michele Care

Norwegian based multiple award winning MC, MC Charlene has bagged her first endorsement deal with an International skincare & beauty brand, called Michele Care! Michele Care is an international luxury beauty brand, with over 10years of experience in the production…

Orange Cameroon Presents The AFCON Anthem With Maahlox, Happy D’Effoulan and Mink’s!

Orange Cameroon offers the African Cup of Nations(AFCON) and football fans, an anthem entitled “Tu joues même quoi?” This mischievous title formulated in “Cameroonian” French is taken from certain lyrics of the song and was retained on purpose. It can…

Meet the four fashion designers working under Imane AYISSI’s mentorship:

Meet the four young designers working under Imane AYISSI’s mentorship for the #ChivasVenture237 program : They are: Donald, Jesus, Pasma and Israel. Check them out: #ChivasVenture237 #ChivasXImaneAyissi #Chivas Thank you

The CHIVAS Venture is taking shape!

The CHIVAS Venture 237 is taking shape! It’s objective is to promote the know-how of local designers, thanks to a shock collaboration with Imane AYISSI, Mink’s, Numerica, Mic Monsta and Nabila. Check out the video:

Get to know more about BAW2 Artist.

Artist Profile  Baw2 was born in Oku Bui division on the 23 of June 1996 in the North West Region of Cameroon.[2] His love for music started at the age of 10 when he used to attend the baptist church…