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CDC workers butchered in Tiko by unidentified individuals

Over 10 field workers of the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC), are presently undergoing intensive medical care after unidentified individuals attacked them with machetes at the plantation site, reports say.
The incident occurred on  Wednesday morning and sources say the unidentified individuals chopped off  the limbs, hands and fingers of some workers, while others have been abducted .
“We left early this morning for our usual chores at the CDC rubber plantation when suddenly some masked men intercepted us and asked all of us to kneel down. They then started whipping us with their machetes. Those who attempted to block the machete, had their hands cut off. We ran for our lives, but some were still kept there,” MMINFO quoted one of the victims as saying.
The victims are currently at the CDC Cortage hospital receiving medical treatment and security around the hospital has been tightened, with the gates and the hospital premises on lock-down.
The attack by the unknown individuals is suspected to be a move aimed at halting activities of the CDC.
In recent months, separatists have launched repeated attacks on the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC), with huge material and financial losses incurred.
The General Manager, Franklin Ngoni Njie, recently said the financial losses incurred on the sabotage, have amounted to several millions Francs CFA, with over 5000 jobs lost.
Photo credit: MMINFO
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