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Champions League match between PSG and Istanbul Basaksehir postponed due to racism by match official on former Indomitable Lion; Achille Webo!


Beta Pipol anoda case of racism on some Cameroonian, for football field o!! 

Yesterday nite, Istanbul Basaksehir and Paris Saint Germain, dey be di play Champions League match. 

Achille Webo; former Indomitable Lion, na Assistant Coach for Istanbul Basaksehir. 

As match be di go on, Achille Webo and the 4th assistant referee of the match dey start argue for technical bench. The 4th Assistant referee; some Romanian whiteman, call Webo say “Negro.”

Webo vex, start halla the man say why e di call e say Negro? Shaga-shaga start… 

The main referee of the match kam moof red card, gi Webo… 

Players dey hear the tin for field, dey stop match… The players dey vex, say if dey no moof dat 4th assistant referee for field, dey no go continue the match… 

The players dey last stroll, comot dem for field. Na so the match kam be suspended!

UEFA postpone the match to today… Around 30 minutes of play be remain for the first half of the match… No man no be don score, e be dey 0-0

UEFA say dey dey against all forms of racism, say dey go investigate the matter den punish, accordingly…

Una see video:

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