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Check out Jovi’s interview with America’s leading music magazine; ‘The Fader’

Camer music is recently getting more and more world wide recognition and exposure, and the stake holders in the industry can only be proud! Camer’s Mboko god aka Jovi Le Monstre got featured on America’s leading Music magazine; ‘The Fader’ which has featured very high profiled international celebrities like Jay Z, Beyonce, DJ Khaled and more.

He dished out a lot about his views on the Cameroonian music scene, balancing between being a record label owner and an artiste, his views on collaborations and lots more. He also premiered his brand new hit titled ‘Bad influence’ on The Fader Magazine.

Here’s a snippet of the interview: “I recorded a collaboration with Wizkid in 2011. He hopped on one of the songs I had produced for one of my artists, but we didn’t put it out. I could not see how it was gonna help me, especially because at the time I was trying to build a sound that is my own. All that would have done is accelerate the fame, not enhance the music.”

This interview actually made me to understand Jovi alot better. Most of his actions are a result of his loyalty to his vision. It takes a strong man with genuine passion for what he does, and the standards he upholds to ignore very tempting offers just so he can stay true to his vision and have things go his way. That is heroic. Much respect for Jovi! He is an inspiration! To read more on that interview and to listen to Jovi’s new hit “Bad Influence”, click HERE

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