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Chilli Wawaye establishes an empowerment center for IDPs in Cameroon.


Chilli Wawaye , also known as Fonyuy Claudette Mbinkar, is a standout personality in Cameroon. She’s not only known for her captivating cultural music but also for her skills as a dedicated seamstress and entrepreneur. As a highly respected folklore artist and cultural ambassador, Chilli Wawaye sheds light on the mesmerizing musical traditions of the Nso Kingdom in the grass field regions of Cameroon. Here, she showcases a unique mix of rhythms and melodies known as Toh. Her musical style, heavily influenced by African icons like Miriam Makeba, Ourou Sangare, and Angelique Kidjo, has gained her recognition both on a national and international level.
Chilli Wawaye establishes an empowerment center for IDPs in Cameroon.
However, Chilli Wawaye is not only a fashion designer of exceptional talent; she also designs a variety of clothing items, such as party wear, traditional white wedding dresses, and corporate uniforms. If you would like to see her work in person, you can visit her shop at Bali Koumassi, Douala – Opposite Eneo, where you can peruse and even purchase one of her original designs. Additionally, Chilli Wawaye is a proponent of gender equality and has founded a center that empowers marginalized individuals and Internally Displaced People (IDPs) and the less fortunate through the art of fashion design, marking, and embroidery, frequently showcasing the renowned Toghu Fabrics. Currently, nine people (4 boys & 5 girls) are gaining valuable skills and opportunities from the center.
Chilli Wawaye, who is always looking for new opportunities, founded “Kintati Arts & Cultural Festival – KACFEST,” a platform that supports cultural entrepreneurship, especially in arts and crafts, among underprivileged people. The festival’s first edition was held at the National Museum in Yaoundé in February 2022, a major turning point in her mission to uplift others and preserve cultural heritage.
Chilli Wawaye establishes an empowerment center for IDPs in Cameroon.
To keep up with her work and musical journey, you can find Chilli Wawaye on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. For those who want to engage further or explore her designs, you can reach out to her using the following contact information:
– Tel: 653 915 118
– Email:
– Shop Location: Bali Koumassi, Douala – Opposite Eneo
And if you thought she couldn’t be more versatile, recent updates show her participating in distinguished events such as the 2nd International Congress for Gynaecological Endoscopic Surgery, alongside appearances at ceremonies and galas alongside prominent figures. Get your speakers, TV screens, and earphones ready for “Example” Which drops this Friday.
Chilli Wawaye establishes an empowerment center for IDPs in Cameroon.
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