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Cholera outbreak in Douala!

The Ministry of Health in Cameroon just announced that there is a cholera outbreak in Douala, Littoral region, as nine cases have been reported so far in the cities of New Bell and Deido. The ministry of Health in partnership with UNICEF and other NGOs have made provision for free health care services to those diagnosed with the disease, and also they have made free provision for elements necessary to clean water. The public is called upon to be alert and vigilant, if anyone contacts diarrhea and is vomiting they should report to the nearest hospital.

These are four way to prevent cholera:
-Wash your hands before and after meals with soap
-Don’t defecate in open air spaces, use latrines and/or flushing toilets
-Filter/clean water before drinking
-Wash your fruits, food and vegetables before consumption.
See press statement from ministry of health below:

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