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Cimencam launches the first ever ‘Made in Cameroon’ White Cement!

Cimencam is the oldest existing cement factory in Cameroon. The company is 33% owned by the Cameroonian government, 2% owned by Cameroonian individuals and 55% owned by a foreign company called Maroc Afrique.

The objective of Cimencam, is to be the leading producer of construction materials in Cameroon. To achieve this, they are constantly innovating and creating better products and services for the Cameroonian market.

On Friday August 30th, Cimencam launched a new product called ‘Sublime‘ via an exquisite white-themed party, with all the company’s stakeholders at the luxury hotel La Falaise in Bonapriso; Douala.

Sublime is White Cement, made in Cameroon, by Cameroonians, with international standards.

Some of the qualities include:

-Aesthetics: in using white cement to build/construct, you wouldn’t need to paint, because the white cement gives an extra glamourous finishing. You have the liberty to change its colour at will just by the addition of pigments with your preferred colour.

-It fosters isothermal processes, meaning heat cannot be transfered through it. It has the ability to maintain a certain constant temperature for environs within it.

-It can resist a temperature of up to 300 degrees unlike normal grey cement which lasts only up to 150 degrees. So in the case of a fire, the risk of collapse is low.

-It is economical: with this white cement, you don’t need to paint or re-paint. When dirty, you simple wash away with water.

-It’s packaging was made with a water proof material that can resist heavy rainfall, and can last for up to five days in a humid environment. So there is no fear of products getting damaged because of wettable packaging. The packaging also has a QR code, which you can scan on cimencam’s website for all necessary information of the product.

You can purchase the product via Cimencam’s mobile app MyCimencam or email:

Sublime is the fourth Cimencam product in the market besides Kosto, Robust and Multix.

Sublime is the first White Cement Made In Cameroon. Prior, people used to buy white cement from other countries like Algeria for use in Cameroon.

The Unity Palace was constructed using white cement, hence it’s striking beauty! 

Besides offering quality products and services, Cimencam gives back to the Cameroonian society by training 500 construction technicians every year. This year, 350 construction technicians have been trained so far, and they have two more sessions to go, to train the remaining 150.

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