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Controversy surrounding Hon. Joseph Wirba’s arrest, as Honorable Mbah Ndam says Joe Wirba has not been arrested!

A local TV station in Yaounde;  reported that Honorable Joseph Wirba has been arrested. Watch HERE
Now, this Facebook user says Honorable Joseph Mbah Ndam has confirmed to a journalist of the Guardian post; Mua Patrick, and another journalist of the National Telegraph; Kiven Brenda, that Honorable Joseph Wirba has not been arrested.
According to the post, Mua Patrick, spoke to Honorable Wirba on the phone. See the post:
That photo is the photo of Honorable Ndam
However, many find it hard to believe, because honorable Wirba has been very much in touch with the people lately, and if he is free, they expect him to clear the air by himself, not via any other person.
Some reports also state that Honorable Wirba‘s phone lines are not going through.
Also; reputable news site; cameroon-concord reported his arrest, and another reputable news site; The Cameroon journal, reported that Honorable Wirba’s immunity was about to be revoked so he could be arrested. Read full article HERE
 So at this point, we are not sure what to believe. Stay tuned for updates.
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