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CRTV says was charged higher for image rights of Cameroon-Libya match

The World Cup qualification match between Cameroon and Libya on Tuesday, could not be aired on the national TV because an agreement could not be reached for the acquisition of the broadcasting rights.

The Director General of the State media house, Charles Ndongo, wrote in a statement after the match, indicating that they were charged higher.

“The company offering the broadcasting rights of the competition increased the price by 100% compared to the qualifiers of the previous World Cup” Charles Ndongo said.

“This amount was considered exorbitant by the CRTV which proposed the standard amount for the usage in question.”

“With the negotiations not succeeding before the time of the match, the company in control of the rights, unilaterally decided to deprive the CRTV of the signals” the CRTV boss wrote.

The match played in Benghazi, ended 1-1, with several fans feeling displeased with the result, coupled with the absence of images.

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