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Davido reveals upcoming collaboration with a Cameroonian artiste at his concert in Douala!

Stade Camtel Bepanda; Douala was jam packed on the night of Saturday March 17th as over 10,000 people came out for Davido’s #30BillionAfricaTour !
The concert which was organised by Sony Music Ivory Coast in partnership with Icon Prod Africa was peculiar in the fact that it is the first tour organised by a major label for their artiste in Africa.
It was a 6 country tour, with Douala being the fourth city on the list.
Several Cameroonian artistes opened up for Davido including Tzy Panchak, Duc Z, Dynastie Le Tigre, Nabila, Boy Tag.
Tito Valery, the event host, kept the crowd excited!
When Davido got on stage the crowd was hyped, loud screams of joy and excitement could be heard as Davido performed over 20 of his famous hit songs.
The crowd was singing along to the songs at the top of their voices, even the verses in Yoruba… LOL.
Mid-time into his performance, Davido brought out Camer’s KingKong ; Stanley Enow. They performed their collaboration; Caramel, together.
After that, Davido told the crowd that all over Africa, Stanley Enow is one of the realest guys he has ever met. That Stanley joined him on his American tour and it was amazing. He said he loves Stanley, he loves his music and the world should look forward to more collaborations from both of them. Click below to watch video:
After that Stanley Enow performed his masterpiece; Hein Père, and the crowd responded generously by singing along.
Davido took over the stage again, with undepleted energy, he performed the rest of his songs, and ended with his hit song “Fall.”
At the end he took off the piece of cloth he wore as a belt and gave to a fan in the crowd, he took off his shirt and threw it to the crowd, he took of his shoes and threw to the crowd. Lucky fans caught them.
Click below to watch a video recap of Davido‘s concert in Douala:
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