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Day 1 of the National Dialogue: George Ewane’s rules annoy journalists!

The highly anticipated National Dialogue in Cameroon, starts today, and it will run through till October 4th.

There are 1,000 participants. Of these 1,000, 500 are from the 8 commissions that were retained. These 500 people consist of 150 people from the South West, 150 people from the North West, 50 from the Diaspora, 150 from the other 8 regions.

See the full program of Day 1 of the National Dialogue below:

The Spokesperson of the National Dialogue; George Ewane, had a meeting with the press this morning, and he gave them the following rules:

1-No access to the plenary session and work at the level of commissions.

2-Journalists should remain at the press centre.

3- No interview with delegates without due authorization from the communication unit of the national dialogue.

4- Journalists should remain in the press centre and briefings shall be done when necessary.

Some of the journalists are discontent with the rules, and see them as a hindrance to perform their duties smoothly.

Meanwhile, the venue of the dialogue, Palais Des Congrès, is beautifully adorned with the National Colours:

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