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Destruction of BUNS construction equipment “evil act” – Wimbum association

The Wimbum Cultural and Development Association (WICUDA), has decried the destruction of equipment belonging to the the road construction company BUNS, by unknown perpetrators.

The WICUDA president, Rogers Nforgwei, said the act which took place on Thursday, January 25, at about 2:00 am, “cannot be accepted”, calling on the local administration to find the individuals and “judge them according to the laws of the land”.

“We must stand up in defence of our development” the president wrote. “We cannot accept to lose this opportunity and deprive our future generations their rights to a better life.”

“We hereby appeal to all wimbum and non-wimbum people living in the Mbumland to lift up prayers according to their different religions and traditions against the evil forces of destruction” the communique continued. The population was called upon to ensure the protection of the equipment and staff of the companies engaged in the ring road construction.

The BUNS company was deployed to work on the Kumbo-Ndu stretch of the National Road No.11. The ring road construction had been long-awaited by the population.

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