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Did Donald Trump refuse to host H.E Paul Biya?

H.E President Paul Biya was conspicuously absent during a luncheon US president; Donald Trump hosted with African presidents, yesterday, Wednesday September 20th during the United Nations General assembly currently holding in New York. As we all know, President Paul Biya , first lady Chantal Biya and entourage are currently in New York for that very purpose; the UN General assembly. They have been very present in all the general assembly meetings that have held so far, but were absent for the private dinner meeting Donald Trump held with some African presidents.

The African presidents who were present for the luncheon include Ivorian Alassane Ouatara, Guinean Alpha Condé, Senegalese Macky Sall, South African Jacob Zuma, Nigerian Mohammadou Buhari, Ghanaian Nana Ado Akufo. See photo below:

Besides president Paul Biya, other presidents were absent like Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe. Some analysts are speculating that Donald Trump was conveying a message with the African presidents he held the private meeting with, because all the presidents in the luncheon are of countries where there has been alternate change of power over recent years.

Maybe he was not invited, or maybe he had strong reasons to be absent, we are not sure.

Opposition parties are saying that his absence was a big failure to the diplomacy of our nation; Cameroon, meanwhile President Paul Biya‘s supporters say it is not a big deal that he was absent, that Donald Trump has the right to choose the people he wants to have a private meeting with.

On Friday the 22nd September, President Paul Biya would be addressing the UN General assembly, we look forward to his speech!

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