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Did Maurice Kamto just declare himself winner of the 2018 Presidential Elections?

Presidential Candidate; Maurice Kamto, just issued a press conference in the presence of local and international media, where he made a speech with utterances that have led several people to believe that he has declared himself the winner of the 2018 Presidential Elections in Cameroon, even though the Constitutional Council has not yet pronounced the results, an exercise which is due to happen before, or on the 22nd of October.

In his words: “I was assigned on a mission to kick a penalty, and the goal was scored.”

Many have interpreted this statement to mean that he has won the 2018 Presidential Elections, meanwhile others think that it was just a way of talking to mean that he has set a worthy benchmark for those who supported his candidacy.

Nonetheless, we await the final results to be declared by the Constitutional Council.

Watch the video below:

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