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Did President Paul Biya’s car really breakdown amidst the national day celebrations today?

Today in Cameroon, we are celebrating a national day! We are celebrating the day Cameroon became a unitary state as opposed to the federal state that it was before. In celebration of the day, the military, civil servants and students participate in marching in front of the highest ranking administrator of their locality. Our head of State; His Excellency, Paul Biya resides in the Unity palace in the State’s capital; Yaounde; so all march pasts in Yaounde are done in front of him.

That first paragraph is for all my Beta People who are not Cameroonians. *wink*

So what always happens is that our President usually rides in two cars to the venue; a black car and a white car. I don’t know why though, it may be for security, I don’t know. He usually comes in a large convoy. So today, like every other 20th may, he rode in the first car, the Black one and at some point he stepped out of the Black car into the white car, in which he was led to the ceremonial ground. With all the protocol respected, of course, he alighted from the white car and took his place in the grand stand. A couple of minutes after that, a black car just like the president’s, was seen being pushed out of the way to liberate the boulevard for the march past to occur. Definitely because it broke down. check out the short video below:

So these photos have gone viral and of course everybody has an opinion about it. But check out the message from the minister of Communication regarding the incident. He says the car we saw didn’t belong to our president but to a Chinese tourist who came out to witness the occasion. Well check out his press release below:

“Issa Tchiroma Mvondo face à la presse “Certaines personnes visiblement mal intentionnées ont voulu semer le doute dans l’esprit des camerounais, en leur faisant croire que le véhicule noir dont j’ignore la marque tombée en panne sèche lors des commémorations du 20 mai jour de la fête nationale, appartiendrait au chef de l’état. Je tiens à porter à l’attention de la communauté nationale et internationale que cela n’est pas fondé. Il s’agissait d’un véhicule présentant les mêmes caractéristiques que celui du chef l’état et qui appartenait à un touriste chinois venu participer au défilé. Ce chinois dont je ne révèlerai pas l’identité pour des besoins de sécurité ignorait apparemment toutes les règles de protocole et de préséance applicables en pareille circonstance. Une enquête a été prescrite par le chef de l’état afin d’établir les responsabilités et déterminer l’origine de la panne sèche. Je tiens ici à saluer les forces de l’ordre pour leur professionnalisme et leur solidarité vis à vis du peuple frère chinois. Je vous rappelle que le véhicule du chef de l’état  ne consomme pas de carburant il a été conçu spécialement pour éviter des pareilles humiliations qui n’honorent pas notre pays. Je vous remercie de votre aimable attention.”

 The only thing I believe in the press release is the fact that the president’s car doesn’t use petrol. LOL

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