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Did Roger of Xmaleya and Kelly White of Canal 2’s Jambo just marry??

Camer’s dopest trio; Xmaleya, took to their Facebook to share photos with ambiguous captions that allude to the fact that Roger and Chop Chop’s co-host on his TV show; Jambo; Kelly White, are married. Well, Beta people as we are have worked our Beta brains and concluded that these photos were taken behind the scenes of the video shoot for their new video. On their new album titled ‘playlist’, they have a song titled ‘Mon Mariage’. So that probably is the next single for which they would be releasing a video. We are so sure we are right because no man will marry in the shoes Roger wore. LOL. Check out the photos below:

Check out Roger’s white Nchang shoes beneath Kelly White’s wedding gown LOL

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