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Did Snoop Dogg steal an African brand’s logo?

US rapper, Snoop​ ​Dogg,​ who just recently launched his own smoking accessories line called
“Pound”​ is faced with controversy as the public has spotted a striking resemblance
between his brand’s logo and that of an already established African brand Known as Keexs​. Keexs is the first innovative and social oriented footwear brand in Africa launched in 2015.The two logos
appear as a clenched fist with more similarities than differences. Snoop’s logo which has rolled
up joints taking the shape of a clenched fist is eerily similar to the Keexs logo which is a slanted
clenched fist. The logo also comes in two colors; black and red.
The question on the public’s mind is ; did the keexs logo inspire Snoop or is it just a creative

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