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Discover Cameroonian artist Juwon Simmons!

Juwon Simmons is a Cameroonian born music artist, writer and poet based in Gothenburg, Sweden, where he moved to in late 2009.
With several musical influences picked up during his time growing up,
especially while studying at Sacred Heart/St. Joseph’s Colleges and also
as a traveling international student, his anecdotal /story-telling
lyricism is reminiscent of the griots of West Africa, written in
contemporary urban and sometimes classic Victorian fashion for effect,
influenced by the Hiphop styles of the Chicago and the Midwestern scene,
strung to roots of Neo-soul, jazz, blues and modern experimental
sounds. He could best be described as a poetic rapper with a penchant
for positive social messages.
His work focuses mostly on philosophies of society and the human mind,
Afrocentrism in relation to the world, affirmation of gender equality,
power and political anarchy, social issues, responsible freedom of
action and expression and self reformation. He has digitally released
three albums since 2011 on all music outlets, the last one being “The
Ring of Blue Fire” released in 2014. He was also the 2014 Poetry slam
Champion for Jönköping city, and proceeded to compete at the national
level with his team bringing home the bronze prize.

To know more about him follow him:
on google +: +Juwon Simmons
twitter @juwonsimmons
facebook: Juwonsimmons

Download ‘The Future’ by Juwon Simmons 

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