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Discover Cameroonian artiste; Emma Mimba!

25th December 1991 a super star was
born in the capital City of Cameroon (Yaounde). He was named Emma Mimba. At the
age of 4, Emma Mimba moved to Bamenda, the home town of his parents where he
attended his nursery, primary, secondary and High school (GPS Old town/CBC
Musang, GBHS Downtown and GBHS Bamenda respectively). He went further to the
University of SOA, Yaounde where he dropped out before the end of his degree
program. Emma Mimba grew up with natural love and incredible inborn talents in
football and music. He started playing football at a very tender age, kicking a
pear seed to school and finally enrolling in his school team and earning a
selection for one of the teams involved in the top cup tournament organized
yearly by Les Brasseries Du Cameroon. At the Age of 12, He lost his dad and the
following year he was named Best Player of the Top Cup tournament. `

Meanwhile he kept his talent and
love for music alive, kicking off with music at the age of 10 years doing
playbacks. In junior high school, he started doing freestyle rap at Afrique
Nouvelle radio every Sunday and in 2014 he made his first live appearance at
the Franco Alliance Hall with his group ‘Sunrise’ alongside X-Maleya, Bonezone
and other top Cameroonian artists. In 2005, he participated in the Nescafe rap
competition at the Bamenda Trade Fair.
He then focused more on his
football career, winning the Cameroon cup with Panthere of Bangante in 2009. In
2010, he travelled to Oman for tryouts which didn’t go well and in 2012 he
signed a contract with Santa Maria FC in Portugal where he currently ranks as
one of the most prominent strikers in the D3 league. Despite the success of his
football career and the amount of time he dedicates to it, Emma Mimba has
somehow kept his talent and love for music alive. He has been busy planning a
music career, dropping freestyle videos and generating a huge fan base for his
music even without an official single nor an album. Check out 
Visa Chasers (Freestyle) below:
Today he is determined to pursue
both careers and exploit both talents. In this light, he is set to kick off his
music career with his first official single ‘Check my swag’ to be released on
July 20th 2016 under his newly created record label ‘The Fame’. This track is
an extract is an extract from his upcoming Extended Play (EP)  titled ‘The Thing Be Start Like Play’ which he
will release on a later date. This EP will contain 4 tracks with a special
message for the youth back home trying to make it to the top, trying to travel
abroad for greener pastures and doing all they can to realize their dreams. Below
are the track titles;
Check My Swag
Visa Chasers
Education Vs School
The EP encourages them every step
of their hustle. His outstanding lyrical power, unique rap style and amazing
punch lines accompanied by his outstanding choice of instrumentals make his
music irresistible. His official debut will be a renaissance and a redefinition
of Cameroonian hip hop so Watch out for watch out for this new page in Kamer
Emma Mimba on;
Snapchat : @EmmaMimbaRR

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