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Discover Cameroonian artiste; Kiflex!

When there is an incredible discovery in
the world of science, scientists’ term it, “The Greatest Ever In
, this is not meters different from what the African
entertainment industries would say, “Another Star Is Born”
when the new Afro-pop sensational finest, singer, unequivocally artiste, Kiflex
shows his negro face.
Where the Cameroon contemporary music industry is
trending at the Africa music billboard, is not an impossibility of hard work
but a possibility of it unmeasurable talent that has been wielded by it home
artistes and those in the diaspora like Kiflex A.K.A the Baddest King.
Born in Cameroon on October 14th, 1990 in a small
village called Bambui – North West Region Cameroon, Fulie Kilian Afuso, who is
currently studying nursing in the United States, leapt into the world
music  sphere 3 years ago with his stage name, Kiflex; a subtraction of
“Ki” from Kilian and an addition of “Flex” from flexibility, making it Kiflex
Kiflex started art as an instrumentalist in a
live band called THE ISLAND SENSATION based in Detroit, and from there, he fell
in love with music. Being in the buttonhole of so many great artistes, it
became a huge motivation for him to start writing and producing his own music
by using his own language and jest in transmitting his powerful love lyrical
punch lines. He was connected with a producer, BO Boy who fell in love with his
style of music and started producing him. Since then, he became more connected
and his love for music kept growing, getting him where he is today.
His unconditional love for all in the Cameroon
showbiz world has been the main driving force for his success in the diaspora.
A strong fan of: Magasco, Jovi, Mic Monsta, Ewube, Tzy Panchako, Yong Flo,
Charlotte Dipanda, Missy Bk, Vumomse and many more, he has recorded three
by Tosin Dola where he featured, BEAUTIFUL
and VICTORY by
Vumomse, were he also featured.
The young superstar is a strong fan to American
and African super stars like: P square, Wizkid, Tekno, Wizboyy, Olamide,
Charlotte Dipanda, Chris Brown, Drake and a lot more. A feeling which he
explain why he has to give himself more on the afro-pop world.
“I grew up listening and dancing to afro-pop music and it gives me
chills each time I listen to it. As a child we would have parties and the afro
pop genre was the one that got most people on their feet and I knew one day I
too could produce music that will make people enjoy themselves.  After
writing my first song I knew I had a gift for it. And I always wanted to do
what I love”
Grew up listening more to Nigerian afro pop
superstars, P.Square, Kiflex writes his own songs and draws most of his
inspiration from social happenings with God being his main root of inspiration.
Also, he has work with award winning best Cameroonian artiste in the Diaspora,
Vumomse and Nigerian finest, Tosin Dola. Kiflex is one of the few Cameroonian
artist in the U.S, whose talent will definitely not reflect his home country,
Very exceptional, stuns and talented, he is
currently working on his first album titled BADDEST QUEEN, made up of 7 cloying
tracks to drop later this May, produced by BO Boy and Master Roboster, Kiflex
is also a comic – artiste . ARE YOU MARRIED?
I’m single but has a Baddest

 Watch Kiflex’s official video “Baddest Queen” produced by Master
Roboster and visuals by MT.MUNA by clicking below:

Keep up with Kiflex online:
Facebook: KIFLEX Music Official
Instagram: #kiflexofficial

Souncloud:Kiflex Official
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