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Discover Cameroonian Artiste; Lill Humble!

Lill Humble started rapping 6 years ago, but he got professional 2 years ago.

Looking at his track record, he is the future of rap and Hip-hop in Cameroon! 

He has been practicing freestyles for over 2 years, he is able to freestyle for 30 minutes-1 hour straight, off the dome! 

So far, he has:

-1 album titled ‘Coded Tales’ out on all platforms

-1 EP titled ‘Survival’ out on all platforms

-5 singles out 

Lill Humble doesn’t smoke, drink or do drugs, and he uses his music to advocate against drug abuse and addiction. 

Lill Humble has done 4 international collaborations already, one with a legendary american battle rapper, one with a swedish rapper, another with a rapper from compton USA, and one with Lyrical Joe. 

Check out his single titled ‘on God featuring Lyrical Joe:

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