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Discover Cameroonian artiste; Rawf K

Ashu Lawah who goes by the stage name;Rawf K, is a Cameroonian born rapper based in the UK. He fell in love with rap music in the late 1990s when he travelled to the UK. He lives and breathes music; this has contributed to his spontaneity when rapping that his freestyle lyrics are guaranteed hits.  He has been influenced by artists like Petit Pays, So Solid Crew, Eminem, Limp Bizkit and most recently DJ Arafat. His love for different genres of music has helped him develop a unique style.

During his childhood days in Kumba, Cameroon, the music genres that were most common and popular were makossa, benskin, bikutsi and Ndombollo a genre from Zaire, present day Republic of Congo. These instilled in him a passion for African music which he is proud of and has exploited to new heights.

As Rawf K progressed with his education to high school level in London. He met with two Nigerian guys whom he became best friends with and later formed a group called J.P.S (Just plain sick) in 2003. Together they recorded a few singles and by 2008 were nominated for Nigeria’s Young Achievers Award held annually in London.

During one of his visits to Cameroon in 2010, Rawf K was inspired by a hit song titled ‘Mignoncite’. The popularity of this song implanted a seed in him. This led to his experimentation with the instrumental version of ‘Mignoncite’. The result was Benskin Rap, his very own genre which he is incredibly thankful to God for.

Rawf k founded Benskin rap and in 2011 recorded his debut single ‘Benskin rap’ which gained him some popularity in Cameroon. He then made the difficult decision to quit J.P.S so he could concentrate on developing this genre, promoting Cameroonian culture. So far, this genre has proven very successful in Cameroon and it has inspired an advent of young artists.

Rawf K currently has a lot of recorded songs which he plans to begin releasing by September 2016. Do look out for this amazing artist and his talent, the sky is the limit.
Check out the dance instructional video for his song, ‘Chukam pass’ featuring Mr. Elad by clicking below:

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