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Discover Cameroonian Entrepreneur; Bibi Minaj!

Brenda aka Bibi Minaj, a young Cameroonian who hails from Batibo(North West) is the CEO of Bibiminaj total transformation Glam.

Of all the things to do, Brenda decided to launch a hair business because she has deep love for hair. She says she breaths, eats, sleeps and dreams hair everyday. She has always been so fascinated about hair, beauty and lifestyle. She took her passion further by enrolling in a Cosmetology school from which she graduated two years ago.

She has an in depth mastery of beauty from skin care to hair care to make up, pédicure, manicure braids, eyelashes, hair extensions, wigs and all it entails but her specialty is makeup and wig making, that’s why she decided to launch her own hair business because she is good at it.

Her hair is different from other brands because she has a lot of varieties at very affordable prices. Besides, all her hair is handmade by herself. So her customers can rest assured that they are getting the best.

To people who say women should rather be natural than wear human hair, Brenda responds by saying only those who can’t afford hair extensions are complaining about it.

By being in the hair business, Brenda hopes that she is encouraging other Cameroonians to see that there’s a lot they can do with their hands. She also offers training to young Cameroonians who want to learn the craft.

Her advice to young girls out there is that “dreams will remain dreams if you don’t wake up and work for it. Don’t let anyone kill your dream or what you’re passionate for. Always try to do something that’s contributing to your dream and passion and trust me one day you’ll turn around and see how far you’ve gone.”

To patronise her business check out her business pages:

Instagram: @bibiminaj_
Snapchat: bibiminaj4
Facebook: Bibi Minaj total transformation

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