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Discover Cameroonian Entrepreneur; Ebong Mag, aka Slimmix Phonix!

My name is Ebong Mag Yanze from the West Region of Cameroon. A Bamileke born in Kumba. I am the Founder of Yanslim.

Yanslim is a clothing line that deals with Streetwears.

Putting a smile on people’s faces gives me so much joy so, so much so that I created a Foundation(Yanslim Foundation), which helps the orphans and the needy.

So I needed to get into a profitable venture that would ease my way of helping the poor and needy, and that’s how Yanslim came about.

I started the business in 2017. It was going really great, due to my popularity, I garnered a lot of support.

But, I got pregnant and my responsibilities increased… Coupled with the fact that I’m all alone… so my business suffered… But man na strong 💪 man noh😃we rise always, and Yanslim is here to stay!!

My products are a collection of the best stretchable cotton fabrics from Pakistan. I produce from scratch. We design our outfits, and they produce it exactly we design it.

Yanslim Clothing is also a production house for anyone who wants to start their own clothing line. We have the facilities to help aspiring entrepreneurs to start up their own clothing line businesses at low cost.

Contact: +13128710433

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