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Discover Cameroonian Entrepreneur; Ofeh Lionel. After unsuccessfully writing Enam twice & resisting the urge to travel abroad, as the only means to make it, he now runs a multi million company in Yaoundé!

Born and bred in Clark’s Quarter; Buea, but originally from Befang Village(Menchum Division) Ofeh Lionel Akeh Aka Lio London, is a commendable Cameroonian youth making major strides in Entrepreneurship!

After writing Enam twice, unsuccessfully, and resisting the urge to travel abroad, Lionel persisted in looking for a job and eventually got one, in an Australian NGO.

While working there, he saved money and after 2 years, he quit, and started his own Company; Lionstar company limited with a capital of 5 million frs. Today, the company has grown to more than 50 million frs in Capital income.

Lionstar Co Ltd is a limited liability company which operates in Import/Export, Public contracts, General trade supply and Investment schemes, with its head office in Biyem-Assi Yaounde.

They import brand new tyres and tyres tubes from Taiwan, China and export Cashew nuts out of the Country. They also do public contracts and have successfully cemented more than 4 foreign (private) investment schemes in Cameroon. They also train Young Entrepreneurs.

“Starting a Business was not an easy decision to make, I remember when my first container shipment of tyres and tyre tubes arrived, I called 10 of my ‘suppose’ close friends, for financial help, but just 2 could help me. I had to hustle to get bank loans to finance my contract projects and then to import Brand new tyres. What inspired me most was just the fact that I wanted to prove that we can make it here in Cameroon without necessarily travelling abroad.”- Lionel told us.

Lionel’s biggest challenge was securing contracts, especially without a ‘god father’ or coming from a rich background, coupled with the fact that he is from the English Speaking part of the country.

Lionstar also empowers aspiring entrepreneurs. They take businesses that are struggling to grow, invest in their projects and reboot their businesses.

Lionstar Co currently has 15 permanent workers and have elevated more than 5 businesses: 3 Mobile money setups, 2 buy and sellam & 1 resturant, with several others inline.

Lionstar Co also promotes the Cameroonian Entertainment industry, by promoting artists in the music industry via Nation of Hustlers record label.

Contact: +237 677421182 /+237 6 72 12 79 88

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