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Discover Cameroonian gospel artist; SNO!

Shiedrack OKOLIE also known as SNO (artist name) was born and raised in Bafoussam, Cameroon. He is 100% Nigerian but Cameroonian by birth. He schooled at the “lycée bilingue de Bafoussam”. Holder of the GCE “O” level with 10 papers in 2011 and GCE “A” level with 5 papers in 2013, Shiedrack is now pursuing his goal of being a professor in chemical and food processing Engineering at the Catholic University of Cameroon, Bamenda.
Shiedrack is also one of the co-founders of God label Music/Making Good Music records. With major knowladge in ICT and computer science, shiedrack has some skills in coding (html, java scipt..) and also excellent but not yet the best in the art of Photo-shopping which he makes use of in the Music industry. 
Shiedrack is a baptized christian-Catholic in religion. He is a very kind and open hearted person full of hobbies including singing.To him, every person has a story to tell, a feeling to express and a message to transmit, how deep can you touch someone’s heart if it isn’t through music. And despite all those hobbies, he always has time for people. It’s 2016, he is 22years old and still single.
The Young Sno presents his song titled “NON STOP“. In this song, Sno is talking about his life. He is somewhere at the fork of his life where he has to choose between living all his past and following God or continuing his lifestyle as a sinner. He also tried to bring out a figure of God using fantasy and imagination where he portrays him as a description of might. As a warrior, possessing the strength of 300 Spartans, a warrior capable of vanquishing both physical and spiritual evil with his sword “the sword of dismay”. Click HERE to listen to this beautiful song that glorifies God! 
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