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Discover Cameroonian Rapper, ‘Young Fame’

          Nebangu Clement Ndohnwi better known by his stage name, ‘Young Fame’ or
‘Fame’, is a Cameroonian rapper. Fame is best known as a rapper in
the North West Region hip hop scene, and for being his big brother,
Blueprint Hakeem’s most notable protégé.
          Born in Bafoussam, West Region, he grew up in Bamenda, one of
the Anglophone speaking cities, in the North West Region of Cameroon.
Coming from a much respected and notable home in his region, Clement was
given the best of education by his parents. He did his primary studies
at the Ngivichi nursery and Primary school, secondary school at Presbyterian Secondary School Mankon and Cameroon College of  Arts
Science and Technology, where he had his Ordinary Level Certificate.
He then obtained his Advanced Level in 2006 at the Presbyterian
Secondary school Bafut, where he emerged top of his class numerous
       Young Fame pursued a degree in  mathematics and geography in the
University of Buea, Cameroon but later graduated with a bachelor’s
degree in management from the Cameroon Christian University in 2014.
         Young Fame started writing lyrics and rapping while in PSS
Mankon at the age of 14. But he finally got serious with his carrier
when his elder brother Blueprint Hakeem started recording his own songs
and will take Fame along to the studio to jointly do tracks. This  
introduced him to the microphone proper and performing on university of
buea nights and student parties. It was not until his big brother Hakeem
did his second video, “Ma Head Di Hot” which featured Young Fame, then
Fame got fully emerged into Cameroon’s list of rappers with his single
coming out early 2013, ‘Am Bout Me’. He later worked on a ‘Dijay Chuucss’ produced track titled ‘U d Worry Na Worry’. Both tracks prove his
lyrical flow and Mic strength. His amazing job on follow up singles
and featurings have given Young Fame an
ever rising fan base.
         In January 2015, Young Fame decided to team up with his
brother Blueprint Hakeem to release a mixtape titled Roc De Mic. This
merger under their independent label, Nebangu Muzik, saw the explosion
of one of the hottest rap records of the year, ‘Ngomgham BWAII’. ‘Ngongham BWAII’ has helped place the rapper on another platform. Coming from
a small record label, Nebangu Muzik, his output his usually measured as
that of a superstar. ‘Ngomgham BWAII’ pushed Fame to major performances
from the Arafat concert in Bamenda, to the STM Hangout in yaounde and
other cultural week performances, together with his brother Hakeem.
         Meanwhile Young Fame enjoys the exposure ‘Ma Head Di Hot’ and ‘
Ngomgham BWAII’ has given him, Fame and his brother Hakeem are working to
bring out the Roc de Mic mixtape anytime soon.

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