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Discover Grace Dorothée, the female Cameroonian painter who merges the soul and the brush!

A student at the Nkongsamba School of Fine Arts in western Cameroon, Grace Dorothée is an artist in the ‘me having a talent in the pure state who realizes eternal works.

She is endowed with a spirit of creativity and succeeds in transmitting on her board the representation she has mentally made. When Grace begins to paint, she is in her universe that is painting since this seed of artist painter is at ease. To this end, she says: “Very exciting the moment when the eyes, the fingers, the brush and all the attention are one. All in a total fusion to reinterpret reality, to make visible the invisible “

Talented and versatile, this nugget performs feats with a pencil on a paper “cansson”. Her inspiration comes from the smile of a child who touches the woman heart to the point of shuddering he and filling her eyes with “sparkling stars” according to her. The works cross the walls and seduce men of culture and other art lovers.

Grace Dorothée’s works are contemplative and have been exhibited in 2018 at events such as Bali Arts Marlets, the Graff Up Festi, Bandjoun Station and the Douala Hip-hop Festival. Moreover, during the DHF last year, the emotion was strong as Grace Dorothée has shown courage to offer the slameuse Lydol a portrait on which is engraved the image of the artist. The year 2019 promises to be exciting for this young painter given her love of art as a whole, which allows her to assert herself as an accomplished artist.

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