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Discover Shaveline Ndifor; a young Cameroonian living her dream in Belgium!

Shaveline Ndifor, an industrious Cameroonian North Westerner who was born and raised in Buea(South West Region), is currently living her dream in Belgium.

She has turned her love for hair into a successful business in Belgium. She is the founder of Shaveline Hair; a high quality cosmetics and hair brand.

“I have always wanted to became an Entrepreneur, from a younger age. I got motivated to launch my hair brand when I was working for a cosmetic and hair company here in Belgium, I took all the knowledge and experience I had from there and saw it as an opportunity to invest in myself by launching my own hair brand.”- Shaveline tells us.

For Shaveline, running a cosmetics and hair brand is a “dream come true.”

As a Cameroonian running a business in Belgium, one of the challenges she faces is the language barrier. In Belgium the official language is Dutch, a language she is still adapting to.

With many companies selling hair these days, Shaveline is distinguishing her brand from the others by making sure that she delivers top quality products. She is a professional hair stylist and colourist, so she is aware of what good quality hair is all about, and she makes it her duty to serve only that to her clients.

Being in Belgium, she is making the impact of her business felt even in Cameroon. She has a branch in Cameroon  and she actively supports other young Cameroonians who want to venture into the same business.

Her word of advice to younger girls in Cameroon is: “stay focused and invest in any talent you have. No matter how small it may look, keep building it. Don’t allow yourself to get distracted. Every positive step you take, counts, to make you a better person for yourself and for the people around you. There is no shortcut to success, don’t wait or depend on anyone to make your life better, do something now. You can start a business, learn a trade, or go to school…Do it for a better tomorrow for yourself.”

Check out her business:

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