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Does Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh deserve all the backlash he is getting from the public?

It is clear that Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh enjoys the high confidence of Paul Biya. A controversial alliance, from the look of things. Never in the history of Cameroon, has a Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic been so vilified, slandered, denigrated as Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh. As time goes by, the cabal against Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh increases at breakneck speed, especially after his boss made him Minister of State while keeping him Secretary General of the Presidency on January 4, 2019.

Otherwise said, after the President of the Republic HE Paul BIYA, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh becomes the personality in Cameroon whose name is lugged in the mud, taxis, offices, even chapels and mosques, worse, social networks, not to mention the Radios, newspapers and televisions.

In a radio in the political capital Yaoundé, a host in broadcast exclaims: “It is Ngoh Ngoh who creates traffic jams in the streets of Yaounde … It is Ngoh Ngoh who creates the shortage of electricity everywhere … I swear Dear listeners Ngoh Ngoh will be arrested tonight and driven to Kodengui; It is his last day as SG of the Presidency, Paul Biya whom I salute is too angry with him; It is Ngoh Ngoh who appoints all the ministers and cuts them off when and how he wants; it was Ngoh Ngoh who created the flood on the new Wouri bridge in Douala; it is Ngoh Ngoh who commands the First Lady; it’s Ngoh Ngoh who … It’s Ngoh Ngoh who … “

All taxi passengers burst out laughing. And the driver of the taxi to conclude, said: “I prefer to look for my 5, 5, francs in front of this wheel, no matter how hard it is, than to be in the place of the SG of the Presidency” 

That’s how the name of the SG of the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon has been tarnished. Is this the fate now reserved for anyone with the high confidence of the Head of State Paul Biya? We are tempted to say “Alas Yes”! They have decided as follows: We must drown the man at all cost! But what do we really know about F.N.N? If not that he is a high-ranking state clerk who arrives at the office at about eight thirty in the morning, and leaves from there around midnight and sometimes at two o’clock the next day? He is a dedicated, dedicated, punctual, hard-working “Worker” of Paul Biya, who dexterously coordinates the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic. If Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh was a bad Worker, Paul Biya would have already sent him back to the district, or even to the 11th region … He has been working for eight years, and the President judges him on his work, and not, by the neighborhood gossip.

Instead of acknowledgments and congratulations to this worthy son of the country, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh only deals with tons of slander, blows, denigration and fury. As if rendering service to his country is a dishonor.

What we should remember is that President Paul Biya, as long as he considers it useful, for the one who is at the service of the Nation, his confidence will always be his.

The delegation to Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh is not far from an isolated case in August 4, 1994, the PR on a decree also granted the same prerogatives to TITUS EDZOA the SGPR at the time, not to mention that outside our borders, especially in France, it is also observed; in fact, the decree of 18 September 2018 delegating signature stipulated that: “The president of the Republic, Considering the Constitution, in particular Article 13; Having regard to the decree of 14 May 2017 appointing the President of the Republic, Stopped : Article 1 Delegation is given to Mr. Alexis Kohler, Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic, for the purpose of signing, on behalf of the President of the Republic, any act, other than decrees, taken by the President of the Republic in his authority appointing authority … ” 

Written by: Paul NGOUARÉ KINDJI (Journalist)

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