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Don Jazzy gives upcoming artistes tips and tricks about the music industry!

Michael Collins Ajereh, aka Don Jazzy shared a series of tweets on his Twitter, giving some tips and tricks about the music industry to upcoming artistes. Coming from a man who has been relevant in the music industry for over a decade with over 100 hits to his name, all upcoming artistes should take this tips from him very seriously. These are the tweets he shared:

It’s ok to tell yourself that “you’re doing a good job” once in a while. Just don’t take it to mean that the job is done.

Dear upcoming artists. The real job starts #WhenYouFinallyBlow

#WhenYouFinallyBlow know that there is a huge difference between carrying yourself like the new star you are and being an asshole.

#WhenYouFinallyBlow pray against the “don’t you know who I am? I am a celeb” spirit.

#WhenYouFinallyBlow Don’t be in a hurry to move to Lekki. It’s not that serious. Plenty fake people out here.

#WhenYouFinallyBlow You don’t need to smoke weed or take some next ish to help write songs. I have over 100 hits and I don’t smoke it.

#WhenYouFinallyBlow it will do you a lot of good to know that it won’t last forever. No be curse.

#WhenYouFinallyBlow there is absolutely nothing wrong with referring to yourself as an upcoming artist/producer. I still am.

#WhenYouFinallyBlow to the point where you have your own company, carry your guys up with you. It’s not beans, but try.

#WhenYouFinallyBlow fine lepas will ask you to exchange nudes. Hmmmm it’s a TRAP. Abort!!!!! LindaIkeji is real lol

#WhenYouFinallyBlow Don’t let flying first class/private jets become a habit. U go drink garri when hits no come o.

#WhenYouFinallyBlow no be everybody go like your song be hater. Sometimes our songs no go sweet to some people. E dey happen.

#WhenYouFinallyBlow tithe/taxes VERY IMPORTANT.

#WhenYouFinallyBlow Respect the legend 2faceIdibia

Let me clarify some things for y’all. lol. Lepa is a Nigerian adlib for ‘girl’. And the last tweet where he says “Respect the legend 2 Face Idibia” implies that upcoming acts should respect the ones that came before them. 2 Face turned around the Nigerian Music scene in so many ways , that is why he used him as a reference. So too upcoming acts in other countries should respect the artistes that were before them. I am personally inspired by these tips, hope you are, too!

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