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Donald Trump blocks Chrissy Teigen on Twitter

John Legend’s wife and model Chrissy Teigen who has been very vocal with her disapproval and opinions on US President Donald Trump, especially through her Twitter page has finally been blocked by the US president.
After discovering that Donald Trump blocked her on twitter, Chrissy shared the news on her Twitter page with the captioned; 
“After 9 years of hating Donald J Trump, telling him “lol no one likes you” was the straw”
Chrissy Teigen has been pretty vocal in her criticism of President Donald Trump.
The 31-year-old model has regularly trolled Trump, starting back in 2011, and continuing well after his inauguration in January.
Teigen famously tweeted: “What time should we call your Uber?” after the president said he intended to keep “evil” out of the United States, a presumed reference to a judge blocking the implementation of Trump’s proposed travel ban on people from several Muslim-Majority countries.
The wife of fellow Trump critic John Legend, has been holding Trump responsible for a few problems she has, and she demanded the Republican president to pay her medical bills.
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