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Donald Trump talks about Cameroon!

US President; Donald Trump was in attendance at the Young Black Leadership Summit 2019, and interestingly, he met this Cameroonian legal immigrant; Ben Okereke, who ushered the opportunity for Donald Trump to mention Cameroon.

This is how the flow of conversation went:

THE PRESIDENT: With us this afternoon is Ben Okereke.  That’s a great name.  I love that name.  When Ben was 14 years old, he legally immigrated to the United States after suffering many hardships in Cameroon, which I hear is a beautiful, beautiful place.  Cameroon.

(Audience member cheers.)

THE PRESIDENT:  Oh.  Wow.  (Applause.)  One person from Cameroon.  (Laughter.)

To give back to our country, he joined the United States Army and honorably served for four years — (applause) — as a very talented field artillery specialist.  A lot of talent, they say.

Ben, we salute your noble service.  And please say a few words.  Ben.  (Applause.)  Please.  All yours.

MR. OKEREKE:  Thank you.  Thank you, Mr. President.  Thank you, Mr. Vice President.  And thank you, Charlie Kirk.

First of all, Mr. President, we would like to thank you for everything that you’ve done for the African American community so far.  We thank you for criminal justice reform.  We thank you for the lowest black unemployment rate in this country, sir.  (Applause.)

And finally, most importantly, sir, thank you for saving America and thank you.


AUDIENCE MEMBER:  It’s all right!


MR. OKEREKE:  Thank you.  Thank you.

Finally, sir, thank you for taking down the fake news media, sir.  (Applause.)

Finally, we want you to build a wall, sir.  (Laughter.)  Frankly, because we don’t oppose immigration, but we oppose — but we oppose illegal immigration.  So we want you to come to this country legally, if you’re going to come to this country.  (Applause.)  Thank you.

THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you, Ben.

MR. OKEREKE:  Yes, sir.

THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you, Ben.  And that’s from the heart.  That’s from the heart.  That’s what it’s all about.

Watch video below:

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