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Ethiopia is not organizing the 2020 CHAN, Cameroon stands as a substitute

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has estimated that Ethiopia will not be able to organize the African Football Championship (CHAN, for “Championnat d’Afrique des Nations”, in French) in 2020. An accumulation of delays in construction and development has frightened the experts from the CAF in charge of checking the progress of the projects. Thus, they had to take a decision in order to protect the event and make sure the competition will take place in the best conditions possible.

For Cameroon, the transfer of the 2020 CHAN on its territory is obviously perceived as a victory and a validation of its strategy after the withdrawal of CAN 2019 by the same CAF, which henceforth gives it all its confidence. This success for Cameroon is also accompanied by the satisfaction of having completed its work on time, and also hosting the African Cup of Nations in 2021.

The difference between CHAN and CAN is that CHAN only includes African players operating in clubs on the African continent, while the CAN allows African footballers from clubs around the world to compete against each other.

Cameroon kept its deadlines to build its stadiums and infrastructures
The methodology adopted by the country’s authorities, under the leadership of President Paul Biya is thus successful. And this victory is now recognized by all, including the CAF which, by this transfer of CHAN to Cameroon validates the Cameroonian strategy, even though the Algerian option was seriously considered replacing Ethiopia.

Modern infrastructures to optimize the reception of the 2020 CHAN
The essential logistics to set up a competition on its territory is the heart of any modern organization.

The road network, connecting the stadiums to hotels, city centers and airports had to be refurbished to ensure optimal safety conditions during travel.

In addition, telecommunications, essential for the transmission of matches through television networks, have also been updated so that viewers can enjoy the competition without a hitch.

In terms of security at the entry of the country, Yaounde International Airport has the latest systems of control of baggage and people, improving its equipment to the level of international standards, and training its staff with the latest techniques.

Cameroonian stadiums, at the forefront of welcoming players and spectators
Without any doubt, the six stadiums that will have the capacity to host the African competition will be, with the players, the stars of the CHAN. With four new sports complexes and two refurbished, Cameroon is now at the forefront of modernity in sports terms throughout the African continent.

The two largest stadiums in the country are now Olembé stadium located near the capital, Yaounde, which will accommodate a maximum of 60,000 fans of football, and the Japoma stadium in Douala, the capital of the Littoral region, and its 50,000 seats.

For Cameroon, the presence of two international competitions in Africa in two years on its territory is experienced as the most beautiful of the revenges, and the years 2020 and 2021 are eagerly awaited.

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