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#Etoudi2018 Cabral Libii’s petition to have the October 7th Elections cancelled gets dismissed by the Constitutional Council. Full updates:

The constitutional council is hearing the post electoral petitions raised after the October 7th Presidential Elections. Over 18 petitions were raised, among which:

Maurice Kamto petitioned for the cancelling of Elections in some constituencies in seven regions due to fraud.

-SDF called for the cancellation of Elections in some constituencies as well.

Maurice Kamto requested that some members of the constitutional council be removed because they are not qualified.

The verdicts passed so far:

Cabral Libii‘s petition to cancel the Elections was dismissed. Reasons brought forward; he submitted his petition late, he has no facts or legal backings to his claim.

-Kamto’s petition for some members of the Constitutional council to be removed has been dismissed. Reason advanced is that he is not qualified to make such a request.

Maurice Kamto(lawyer) and his consortium of 18 lawyers showed up to his defense

The hearing is still going on, stay tuned for more updates.

Meanwhile Maurice Kamto is urging the population that people should stop hate speech, and stop clamouring for “war.”

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